What are Essential Oil Diffusers?

You must have a basic understanding of the science known as aromatherapy. You’ve probably heard of, or seen, this being advertised at some point. Many spas and herbal product stores promote aromatherapy as a method of stress relief.

Aromatherapy involves the extraction of naturally occurring “essential” oils from plants. These oils can be used to increase your mental and psychological wellbeing. To get the most out of these oils, dispersion into the air is recommended, which is where essential oil diffusers come in. Since breathing is the best way to take in any medication, diffusion of essential oils into the air in your home can be incredibly beneficial to you.

The perks of essential oil diffusers include the fact that most oils smell heavenly. They serve a dual function, then: to make your home smell amazing and to boost your mental state like you never thought possible. Some diffusers even include the ability to kill common bacteria in your home and in the oils, which will greatly improve your physical health as well!

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Can’t I Use a Humidifier Instead?

You should understand that there is a huge difference between oil diffusers and the devices we call humidifiers. The function of each device is vastly different to the other – a humidifier does what the name says: it adds extra moisture to the air inside your home, or within certain rooms of the house. A diffuser, on the other hand, impregnates the air in a far smaller area like an office or bedroom with essential oils.

For the most part, a humidifier takes water from a tank and sprays it in the form of a super fine mist into the air, increasing the level of humidity of the air. These devices are great for drier seasons such as the winter, to prevent skin from showing dryness over time. A diffuser is different in that it makes use of oils and nothing else. It is made to make you feel better, as you will see when you start using one!

What Features are Typical of Aromatherapy Diffusers?

While most essential oil diffusers have the same standards of interior design applied to them, some features may differ. Because of this, you might find some brands and designs more appealing than others. Functionality is only one of the factors to be looked at, after all. In fact, some of the features found on certain diffusers can add to the aesthetic and functional traits of the device too!

The main difference between most designs is the material of which the diffuser is made. Some are metallic, while others are made of wood and glass. Ceramic and plastic designs have also been seen on the market. They all look great in their own way and are suited to different styles of homes with differing themes as well.

All diffusers are made to be cleaned very easily and aren’t too complex in their operation. The more technically advanced diffusers for essential oils have notification lights, automated shutoff valves, detectors for empty tanks and containers and more. On a broader scale, there are certain types of diffusers, such as ultrasonic, heat and nebulizing, to name a few.

What Features You Need to Look for in the Perfect Home Diffuser

What with the many different features available on diffusers in the current market, narrowing your search can be pretty tough. Aesthetics aside, you have to take a look at some major features. These could make or break your decision to go with a particular style or brand of the diffuser. Pay heed to the more critical functional features listed here and go with your preferences in mind as well! Here are some of the core features to look for:

  • Timers: Many diffusers now come with a timer built into them. This allows you to set a time during which the essential oils will be dispersed into the air in your home. When the timer counts down to zero, diffusion will cease. While some models have a fixed time, others allow times to be set.
  • Rate Control: Some advanced models allow you to change the concentration of oils that are diffused into the air over a period of time, allowing you to switch between lighter and more intense diffusion based on your needs.
  • Automatic switching: When your tank of water and oil is empty, you must turn the machine off to prevent it overheating and burning up. Many new models have automatic shutoff control systems built-in so that they turn off on their own when the tanks are empty.
  • Scope: Different models are suited to cover different areas. For example, you might want to spread the oils across your bedroom or home office. Others may require their whole home to have the oils diffused through it. Check out the coverage of the unit before you buy it!
  • Ease of use: Two things to think about here. First, you must be able to change out the oils in the unit with ease, so you won’t have to turn the device off, unplug it, remove parts of it, install the oil pack and restart it. Busier people need more modular solutions. Second, cleaning needs to be easy. Considering the buildup of oils happens frequently, you must be able to clean the diffuser in a few minutes!
  • Capacity: Diffusers for essential oils vary in size and therefore their capacity. Some are able to hold larger tanks of oils and water so that you have to change these out less frequently. Others require changing almost weekly. Pick whatever it is that suits your lifestyle better!

Reviews of the Best Essential Oil Diffusers Out There

Without further ado, here are the 18 best diffusers on the market right now. We haven’t arranged them in any particular order; mainly because we don’t believe in appearing biased. Our reviews are as critical and honest as we can make them, without sponsorship by any companies or entities. We tried to stay away from favoritism too – our goal is to ensure that you get the most unbiased reviews possible so that you can compare features, pros, and cons on your own and make a more informed decision.



PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser – Compact Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser-Ionizer

Made by Pure Enrichment’s PureSpa line, this is an essential oil diffuser with a unique design. The top of the unit is angled, offering far more control over the rate of flow of the oil mist. This device delivers the oils your body, mind, and soul need, spreading them over an area of up to 250 square feet. With a lasting effect that we measured at 7 hours, this is one of the best out there.

The diffuser’s tank has a capacity of 100mL of water. Nothing special needs to be done – fill it up with tap water all the way up to the line shown on the tank (no more than this!). It includes a measuring cup, so you never run the risk of overfilling the tank.

Ultrasonic in nature, this unit diffuses the oils silently in the form of a gorgeous, calming, cool mist. Built-in LED lights glow a soft purple, blue, green and more for a more stylish, aesthetically stunning look during its function.

The best part about this diffuser is that it serves two functions – it can add moisture to the air like a humidifier, meaning that it can be used without oils in the tank. With the oils included, it is capable of removing the most stubborn of smells while boosting your mood and making you happier and healthier. Use it in your home office, nursery, bedroom or spa to take full advantage of the mood-boosting effect of the ionized mist.

This unit comes with a switch for changing the color of the LED system, along with a two-year warranty and a detailed user manual.

Our rating – 4.7



URPOWER® Diffuser: Essential Oil Cool-Mist Humidifier


This is the second variant of the original cooling diffuser/humidifier by URPOWER. The ultrasonic unit is made out of a very environmentally friendly plastic compound known as polypropylene. It is covered by a gorgeous frosted glass exterior which houses the LED lighting system behind it. These lights change colors based on your needs, pulsating with a soft range of lavenders, blues, greens and yellows.

It features an easy-to-use power button labeled “mist,” which can be used to control how concentrated your diffused essential oils are. There is also an integrated dial to switch between LED colors depending on your mood, along with an automatic function that allows the device to sort through the colors on its own in a beautiful, sparkling waterfall of visual radiance. Even better – the intensity of the lighting can be dimmed as needed, functioning as its very own nightlight too!

Portability is one of the main focuses of this oil diffuser – it is only 5.5” tall and 3.1” across, making it ideal for a desktop function. You can take this little beauty with you to work or on trips, so that you can enjoy cool, moist, beautiful-smelling air wherever you are and whatever you may be doing. The ninja-like quietness of the diffuser makes it ideal for nighttime use as well without disrupting your sleep cycle.

It is far safer than its heat-based counterparts and can supply essential oil-infused mist that can spread over an area of up to 350 square feet if needed, using a 100mL tank of water to provide fragrances that last for up to 6 whole hours. For the water tank, a measuring unit is included, so you never go over the recommended filing limit, which is rather important as splashing water into the air outlet on the side can cause this diffuser to stop working.

To clean this device, all you have to do is empty the tank out, wipe it down with a clean cloth and let it dry for a while before using it again. If you find any unsightly stains that wiping won’t remove, dip your cotton swab in some white vinegar and try that on for size.

While cleaning is easy, we recommend that you don’t touch any exposed circuitry during this process. Static electricity can kill the device rather quickly. You can operate it easily, though, just by adding some of the oil to the tank and turning the dial to adjust whether mist is produced constantly or in 30-second intervals.

An automatic shutoff system is integrated into the diffuser so that it turns off as soon as the water in the tank runs out. It is built for travel too, as the included adapter can work with both 110V and 240V. The main warranty is for 45 days, but can be extended to a year and six months if needed!

Our rating – 4.6



QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

The Lull by Quooz is a gorgeous ultrasonic diffuser built for capacity. It makes use of a cooling mist to diffuse the best essential oils out there throughout your home and your mind. The tank of the Lull is almost double that of most smaller diffusers – 200mL of water can be held within it. With a coverage of up to 300 square feet (enough for a small office space, large bedrooms and more), this personal diffuser/humidifier combo can run on both essential oils and plain water. The diffusion system lasts for up to 10 hours on a single tank refill!

We noticed that the gorgeous LED light system was one of the best features of the Lull diffuser. While it was shaped very aesthetically too, the lights glowed a relaxing rose, gray, green and more, providing visual stimulation as well as aromatic benefits. With a handy dimming function and the option to turn the lights off as well, the Lull is multifunctional beyond belief and can be used in a variety of locations including a nursery, home office, bedroom and more.

Some awesome features of this essential oil diffuser include an automatic turn off feature for when the large water tank runs out. This is paired with a 20-second timer so that the mist can be spread out into your room in bursts, all of which are 100% whisper-level in terms of noise. You won’t even have to worry about the mist condensing on your windows and doors!

With a one year warranty, a detailed user manual and an AC adapter made for 110V power supplies, this is a larger diffuser that will suit you no matter what you want to do with it.

Our rating – 4.6



NOW® Foods Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser

The Now Foods diffuser is made to look beyond elegant in terms of aesthetic design. Built out of a gorgeous wood grain for added warmth and easy blending with stylish interior designs, this high-frequency ultrasonic diffuser is shaped like a flower and diffuses its essential oils in the form of an incredibly fine mist of particles. While the wood grain patterning is pretty to look at, it has also been made to be 100% environmentally friendly. Plastic that has been deemed BPA free has been used in its construction.

The tank of this essential oil diffuser can hold half a liter of water, which is pretty huge. It can be filled up using a tap, and only requires a small amount of essential oils for you to enjoy the vast range of benefits on offer. Able to cover up to 400 square feet of space, this diffuser was definitely intended for the big leagues. Even better, this space can be infused with the ultimate oils for as long as 8 hours with no problems at all. All of this functionality is contain in an 8” by 5” unit!

Major features of this device include the double-functionality, both as a humidifier unit and an ultrasonic diffuser. It also has six different LED bulbs within the design in a variety of colors. The lights rotate for added effect while diffusing. This provides a calming sensation that is perfect for night lights, children’s rooms, offices and spas. Aesthetically speaking, your home is bound to benefit from the use of this diffuser like never before. Even more awesome is the safety standards set down by the lack of heat on this beauty.

Our rating – 4.7



dōTERRA™ Diffuser – Petal

As one of the highest-rated makers of essential oil diffusers in the business, this company has produced a beautiful, quiet and portable diffusion system that promises to serve you well no matter what. This diffuser is shaped like a petal and has a nebulizing function instead of ultrasonic, which is what the products before this one have used. There are four preset diffusion settings built into the unit, which can double down as a humidifier if you happen to use it without adding any essential oils. Designed with a blended lavender-white color, it fits in perfectly in any setting!

Whether you want to use the diffuser in a spa environment, your bathroom, bedroom, nursery or even your office, it is able to hold up to your demands. The different settings can be tweaked to provide you with up to 8 hours of diffusion time on a single tank refill. This tank can hold 100mL of water, which makes it extremely lightweight and portable. Don’t let the numbers fool you, though – it covers up to 330 square feet when in action, whether diffusing constantly or in 15-second bursts of activity.

Since portability is emphasized upon, we noticed a number of peculiar design features of this diffuser, such as the tilt-resistant flat bottom of the unit. Overall, we felt that value for money was a major pro of this device, providing soothing, relaxing fragrances paired with high levels of portability and a high level of safety to boot!

Our rating – 4.6



ZAQ Allay Diffuser for Essential Oils

The Ultratransmit series by Zaq is an essential oils diffuser that has long been the flagship device in the line. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing models we have seen to date, fitting in perfectly in a house, room, bathroom, office and many other places. This particular diffuser works using ultrasound to disperse the cooling mist of essential oils and water, all of which is ionized in order to boost mood and elevate your spirits nearly instantly.

Possessed of one of the more silent operating processes out there, the Allay is bound to earn your trust in time. Safety is a major feature of this diffuser, and it incorporates an automatic turn off sensor for when the water tank in the device runs out of ammunition. It is on the smaller end in terms of capacity, with a tank capable of holding up to 80ml of water. However, it manages to diffuse the oils over an area of up to 300 square feet, which is no small task.

We tested it out on a 2000 square foot area and found that it diffused just as well over this, even though it was an open space. We do recommend that you stick to 100% essential oils – no added artificial ingredients – if you want the best possible experience out of the Allay. We also suggest that you use distilled water instead of tap water to fill the tank up. While it supports tap water too, there are additional mineral deposits in main water supply lines that can cause damage to the delicate inner mechanism of the diffuser over time.

In terms of build quality, you won’t be disappointed. The Zaq Allay is made out of a BPA-free plastic that is very green indeed and can survive drops from scary heights. The “chimney” of the diffuser is crafted beautifully and features some really cool LED light effects during diffusion. Available in a variety of gorgeous, relaxing colors, this is definitely a device you have to get your hands on if you can.

Cleaning the Allay is easy to do. A very detailed, specific user manual is included with the purchase of the diffuser, which you can follow to clean the unit without too much trouble. One thing we noticed, however, was the lack of a “tank empty” notification sound or light. In place of this is a gorgeous, natural waterfall noise, as a form of ambient noise. The diffuser comes with an adapter for 240V and 110V, making it the perfect travel companion.

Our rating: 4.7



AromaSoft Essential Oil Diffuser System

This is an ultrasonic essential oils diffuser by AromaSoft, a company with some recognition in the field of aromatherapy. Offered in a beautiful white color, this is the perfect device for placement in any setting, whether it is a bedroom, bathroom, or even an office space. It can fit in anywhere, mainly due to the nice, neutral color scheme of the diffuser.

Made out of a rigid plastic shell that is BPA free (so you won’t have to worry about toxins in the air you breathe), this nifty little device can work with tap water so that you can use it with no extra cost. The mist that is created is very concentrated and fine and is sprayed out without so much as a whisper. Overall, this is one of the most professional in terms of form and function, ridding a room of just about any odors while improving mental health, hydrating the body and even serving to clear a blocked sinus.

We loved the color scheme of the diffuser – it has seven different LED light bulbs that rotate in order so that each color gradually changes and bleeds into the next one. This provides for an incredibly relaxing effect that soothes the body, mind, and soul like never before. Of course, these can be turned off as well, if it isn’t to your fancy.

Other features include the automatic safety feature that turns the diffuser off in the event the water runs out of the tank. You can leave the device in a child’s room and not have to worry about any nasty accidents happening. There are even two different operating settings, the constant mist setting and another that diffuses your essential oils in bursts of 30 seconds each.

A 100ml water tank is the main feature, balancing portability and capacity very well indeed. While it will only cover an area of up to 200 square feet, it only takes a few drops of oil to make this happen. It is also very easy indeed to wipe down and prepare for a new cycle and arrives with an adapter, warranty and a 6-foot long power cord for added mobility, along with a recipe book for essential oils.

Our rating: 4.6

GreenAir Vapor+

This is one of the few ceramic aromatherapy diffusers we have seen. It is, by nature, more fragile than its plastic counterparts, but is also absolutely gorgeous to look at. The GreenAir diffuser doubles down as a humidifier and a diffusion system, both of which are, along with the rest of the unit, BPA free. It is incredibly good looking and offers style and functionality in a potent combination that will blow your mind.

Made after an ultrasonic form factor, this aromatherapy diffuser is perfect for enclosed spaces because of the lack of concentration of the essential oil mist it diffuses into the air. This makes it the ideal choice for your workplace, home, study, and bedrooms. Made to be easy to care for and wipe down, the Vapor+ has been built to last, not just in your home but your mind as well.

We do recommend that you read the instructions carefully before using this device. While it is easy enough to operate, you want to ensure that you get the most out of the experience that you are engaging in! Whether you want it to get rid of those horrible smells in your home, or just to clear out that nasty blocked nose, it will serve you well for a long time.

The tank of the diffuser is larger than you would think, with a 150ml capacity that allows it to run for longer without needing a change of water. This, combined with a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils, results in the ultimate superfine mist dispersing through your entire home. All of this is done with a set of pulsating, glowing and calming LED lights in 6 different relaxing colors. Fill it up, turn it on and then watch as the magic happens, covering up to 250 square feet of space with healthy, mood-enhancing essential oils for 4 hours or more!

Our rating: 4.2



InnoGear Cool-Mist Aroma Diffuser

The InnoGear Portable Cool-Mist Humidifier and Diffuser work exactly as you would expect. It is ultrasonic in nature, built using a BPA-free plastic polypropylene design that is available in a beautiful soft white color. This is very resilient to bumps and scratches and is great for anyone new to the world of diffusers and their functions.

Able to hold a capacity of 100ml in the water tank, this device can run for 3 hours while constantly putting out an ultrafine spray of mist into the air around it. Even better, it can last for six whole hours if you set the mist setting to interval mode instead. The mist that is produced can spread over an area of 250 square feet, which is pretty great for nurseries, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

It also features a set of 7 differently colored LED lights that can glow a range of color combinations to soothe the visual faculties as well as the mental state while diffusing. Each of these lights can be set to a certain brightness level, which can be very useful. You can also change the order of colors, or set a single fixed color to glow instead.

A major safety feature that we noticed was incorporated into the design of this diffuser was the automatic shut-off feature, which turns the device off in the event that the water tanks runs dry. It also manages to be incredibly quiet in its function while getting rid of some of the nastiest, most stubborn odors that can permeate a house and room.

Included in the package is a very handy little measuring cup that allows you to fill the tank up to the maximum possible amount and no more. Preventing spillage is one of the best features of this diffuser. This is the perfect beginner’s diffuser, portable, lightweight, safe and easy to use, clean and maintain.

Our rating – 4.4



Anjou Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

When it comes to amazing essential oil diffusers, the Anjou really does take the cake. It is made in a gorgeous wood grain design that is completely BPA free. You won’t have to worry about other toxins and chemicals being present in the mist that is being dispersed by this device. Speaking of this mist, it is ultrafine and gets rid of the most horrid odors in minutes, leading to a calmer, a more fragrant household that will make your life all the more wonderful.

Made with the modern home in mind, this elegant diffuser makes use of a LED system that can change between 7 different colors. Each color has its own brightness adjustment for the perfect blend of visual and nasal stimulation. The wood grain appearance makes it easy to blend in and warm up your home, office, yoga class or any other activity you bring it to.

Features of this diffuser include a shutoff feature when there is no water left in the tank. This improves the safety, although the 300ml tank is capable of holding quite a lot of water for a long time. You won’t be changing the water out all that often. It can run on continuous diffusion mode for up to 8 hours, but a timer can be set for a range of times including 1h, 6h, and 3h as needed.

While essential oils aren’t supplied with the diffuser, the manufacturer makes it a point to recommend their own proprietary kit. Whether it is better than the rest, we really cannot say!

Our rating: 4.5



ISELECTOR Ultrasonic Cool Mist Air Humidifier

iSelector has really outdone itself with the awesome new humidifier in its line that also serves another purpose as an essential oils diffuser. Made out of frosted glass, this device truly has a sense of beauty that most of the others on the market can’t deliver. The glass and the inside of the diffuser are both free of BPA, making it extremely environmentally friendly overall. There are no toxins to be spoken of, so you can rest assured that everyone in your home and office is safe.

Speaking of safety, the diffuser also features an awesome automatic shutoff feature, which means that when the tank is empty of water, the device will turn itself off. Although it is an ultrasonic process, this feature improves the safety of the product by a huge amount. The added benefit of an ultrasonic diffusion process not interfering with the delicate chemical composition of the essential oils means that you will have a far more soothing, herbally enriched experience with your oils.

There are two mist settings on the diffuser, high and low. These are supported by a huge 500ml water tank, one of the biggest that we have seen to date. You can use tap water to fill it up. Once full and switched on, the diffuser can spread essential oils around your home for 18 hours on low mist and eight on high, which is incredible.

Last but not least are the seven different colors that the LED light system can change to, each of which can have its brightness adjusted as needed. You can also set the colors to shuffle on their own or set whichever one you want to glow as needed. The lights shine through a beautiful design that has been printed on the frosted glass cover, which when paired with the extremely quiet functioning of the device make for a pretty gorgeous experience overall.

Our rating: 4.7



VicTsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier

This ultrasonic diffusion system for your essential oils from VicTsing is the ultimate in elegance and functionality. The wood grain design of the unit means that it looks as natural as can be, which is very in keeping with the natural feel of essential oils. In addition to this, the wood adds to the warmth of the setup, making it the perfect fit for any setting you want it to be in, even if it is in your yoga class! The diffuser is also modular in design, meaning that it is wet-hand friendly. You won’t need to struggle to unscrew the cap to pour in your water and oils.

The capacity of this humidifier and diffuser is one of its best features. The tank can hold up to 300ml of water, which is on the larger end of the spectrum. It has a typical diffusion rate of 30ml per hour on the continuous diffusion setting, which means that you can make this device serve you well for up to 10 hours on a single tank of water. When the water does run out in the end, a sensor feels this and immediately turns the system off, which is a huge safety bonus.

It is also one of the quietest essential oil diffusers we have seen to date. During operation an extremely fine mist is sprayed out, serving to hydrate, moisten and heal your body and soul. Serving a dual function, this device will also impregnate the air in your room with moisture, which in turn can lead to better-looking hair and skin!

Some additional features of this diffuser include seven different colors of LED lights that can either be fixed to one color or set to rotate between colors with varying levels of brightness and intensity. Set a time between continuous misting, 1, 3 and 6 hours and escape the rigors of your daily life with this diffuser!

Our rating: 4.6



InstaNatural Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

The InstaNatural ultrasonic mist diffuser is the ultimate in diffusers. It features a nice modern looking design that fits in well in any setting, whether it is your bedroom, bathroom or even your office space. The style of the diffuser is European, and it functions using an ultrasonic system that eliminates the need for heat during the diffusion process.

We loved this diffuser for the pure reason that it was one hundred percent noise-free. Keeping it in a bedroom on constant mist overnight wasn’t a hindrance to sleep patterns at all. It is also extremely easy to use, with basic operation buttons. Cleaning it is also hassle-free, as it can be wiped down with a damp cloth and not require any deeper cleaning.

A water tank of a nice, comfortable 100ml makes for the capacity of the diffuser. This can last you up to 5 hours if you need to. It can be used in a variety of locations and spaces, including hotels, rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and office spaces. Since it is small, portability is emphasized upon.

We also noticed that this diffuser could cover up to 250 square feet for the 5 hours it operates on a full tank. When the water in the tank does run out, a feature called automatic shutoff works to turn the diffuser off, making it one of the safest out there. From the BPA-free, toxin-free function to the safety and ease of use, this is one we liked a lot!

Our rating – 4.5



Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusers that offer as much in a small package as the Viva Naturals device are rare indeed. This is an ultrasonic diffusion unit that works with the highest efficiency in the industry. It promises to use far less of your essential oils than the competition. The ultrasonic function means that it can eliminate the use of heat in the diffusion process as well.

This diffuser also features a proprietary system called the Dust Buster. It purifies the air with the mist that is released, getting rid of any toxins, allergens and other dust particles in the air. In addition to this, it hydrates your skin and makes you feel (and look!) healthier.

There is a choice of 7 differently colored lights that pulsate smoothly during the operation of the diffuser. No matter what your mood is, there is bound to be a light for you. These include Firefly green, sunset red and more. The glowing, soft LEDs make this diffuser a wonderful substitute for a night light as well.

Whisper quiet and able to continue to function for extended periods of time, the Viva diffuser has the choice of three different operation modes. You can set it to release mist continuously until the tank is empty, release the mist in bursts over time, or even to function as a light source! If you set it to release mist while you sleep, you won’t have to worry about the tank running out – the diffuser shuts off automatically when the water in it is over.

Our rating – 4.7



InnoGear 200ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, Wood Grain

We’ve already featured one of InnoGear’s oil diffusers in this list. This is another gorgeous one that works really well and looks even better. Made out of a very durable hard plastic that is completely free of BPA and toxins, this unit has a wood grain finish to look even better than its predecessor. It works well with any style of interior design because wood finishes always look amazing.

The timer available on the diffuser is one of the most customizable for this range of products. You can switch between four different timer options – always on, 1 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours. It shuts itself off when the timer runs down. You can also switch between two different mist concentrations, strong and weak, depending on how relaxed you need to be.

It also features an automatic shutoff feature. If the water in your tank runs out because you left the diffuser on overnight, you will have nothing to worry about – the unit turns off as soon as the tank is dry! Another awesome feature is the light system. Seven different colors can be set, each of which has a brightness setting as well as a fade setting.

This ultrasonic aromatherapy powerhouse can run for hours without failing you. It is easy to operate and easier to clean. Whisper quiet in its function, it can handle just about any scenario. You also get a two-year warranty and a 45-day money back guarantee!

Our rating – 4.7



Essential Oil Diffuser Riverock

This rock shaped humidifier and diffuser is one of the prettiest we have seen. It isn’t shaped like a normal one. Instead, it looks like the name, a river rock. This makes it the perfect diffuser to put down in a yoga class, meditative room, office, study or bedroom. It looks very natural, which is in keeping with the whole idea of essential oil diffusers.

Fitted with a nice 100ml water tank, this diffuser is portable without impacting the capacity at all. It has the perfect balance between the two. At full capacity, the unit can cover an area of up to 250 square feet with essential oil mist that is incredibly fine and disperses really well. This area can be covered and maintained for about 4 or 5 hours without stopping.

When the water in the tank does run out, the diffuser stops working because of the nifty and safe automatic shutoff feature. It can also be cleaned and used very easily. Cleaning it weekly is highly recommended to maintain the highest performance. Wiping it down with a solution of soap and water is more than enough to get rid of oil and stain buildups.

The back of the rock presses down when needed. This allows you to cycle between the several LED light settings available, each of which glows softly and adds some class and ambiance to the diffusion. It makes use of ultrasonic technology to do the diffusion, which means that you don’t need to worry about it overheating or even burning a child or a careless adult!

We recommend this for bathrooms because of the ease with which it is operated. There are no buttons on the device. You just have to press down on the body of the rock to turn it on and cycle through the different settings. Perfect for soapy eyes.

Our rating – 4.6



Aptoyu Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, 120 ml

The Aptoyu diffuser is one of a kind. It is an ultrasonic diffuser that can work without making any noise at all, which is a huge benefit that allows it to be used in offices, at night and in nurseries without causing a hindrance to sleep patterns or disturbing people while it works.

Fitted with a nice 120 ml water tank, this diffuser has more capacity than others in its class without impeding the portability of the unit. Tap water is recommended when you fill the tank up. A line has been drawn on the tank to show you the maximum to where you can fill it up. Don’t fill it past this line; it can lead to a more diluted mist that won’t relax you or boost your mood like you want it to.

When the water in the tank runs dry, the diffuser stops working immediately to increase the safety of the system overall. While it is working, the ultrasonic chip vibrates the mix of water and essential oils in the tank so fast that the particles turn into a vapor. DO NOT touch the surface of the water with your hand while it is in operation.

With the tank filled to the right amount, it can run for up to 8 hours. The mist level can be adjusted, along with the colors that the LED light system glows with during operation. The diffuser can triple down, either as a humidifier or a night light based on your needs.

Our rating – 4.5



Innoo Tech Essential Oil Diffuser 300ml

Made by Innoo Tech, this diffuser for essential oils is an aromatherapy unit that can turn your home, office or bathroom into a haven of relaxation and good feelings. It is one of the most silent devices in the business, working with a noise extraction fan that can spread mist around a room without making more noise than a whisper – less than 35dB to be precise. The mist is cooled and sent out into the atmosphere.

It is an ultrasonic diffuser, one that has a huge capacity too – it can hold up to 300ml in the water tank when it is full. These allow for the more concentrated mist to be produced over a longer period of time. The rate of mist diffusion is about 45ml every hour, although this can change. The mist is spread over an area of 322 square feet with ease.

A timer feature is a part of this diffuser – you can pick a time for the device to turn off after being switched on. You can also select a continuous on mode so that it doesn’t turn off until the water in the tank runs out. Picking between one, 3 and 6 hours can be done too. Whichever it is though, the diffuser turns off when there is no water left in the tank.

There are seven colors of LED that can be selected during operation. These colors have been chosen for their relaxing properties and their softness. The diffuser can be used without essential oils in it (as a humidifier instead), and it can also be used as a nightlight for a child’s nursery if needed!

Our rating – 4.8



The Different Types of Diffusers for Essential Oils

There are many kinds of diffusers, each of which has their own pros and cons. They are all pretty great, and include:

Ultrasonic diffusers

These make use of water paired with drops of essential oils. Mist produced is usually cooled down and is diluted. They can typically last longer than the rest of the competition. If oils are not put into the water when the diffusion is started, these units work as humidifiers instead. Common issues that people have with these include a lack of coverage area and capacity, and a lack of support for citrus oils that promote corrosion.


These are by far the most potent type of oil diffuser. They need no water to function, nor do they use heat. Atomization is the name given to the process that a nebulizing diffuser uses. If you don’t know what that is, imagine the top of a bottle of perfume. Pushing down on it releases a fine spray. The oils are sprayed out of a nebulizer, in the same way, meaning that there is no additional humidification of the air.

Heat diffusers

These use heat to evaporate the oil so that it enters and disperses through the air faster and more completely. The more heat that is used, the stronger the concentration of essential oils in the air, and the stronger the fragrance. Delicate smells require low amounts of heat, though. One problem with heat diffusers is that they cause the structure of the molecules in the essential oils to change, leading to the benefits of the oil being compromised. While they are quiet and cheap, they aren’t the best to use in terms of safety and benefits.


This is the most basic type of diffusion system. It makes use of a small fan to suck in and blow air. This is blown through a filter which has been soaked in oils. The oil evaporates and impregnates the air that is blowing through the filter. The problem with this type is that it is rather inefficient, and the oil solution in the air is not concentrated enough to provide lasting benefits to you.

Ultrasonic diffusers are by far the most common type in the market right now because of their balance between function, price, and size.

The Benefits of Essential Oils

There is nothing like the gorgeous smell that greets your senses on baking day. The smell of fresh, home cooked and healthy food is one of the best in the world. However, those days are long gone for many of us. We are all just too busy to enjoy simple things like this, meaning that we are far unhealthier now than we ever have been. There is no law that says you can’t still enjoy the beauty of a lovely smelling home and a healthy lifestyle, though. This is what essential oils, diffused into the air, are used for.

Ever wondered what the cure for depression is? Well, there are many ways to treat conditions of the mind like anxiety, funks and more. Essential oils are one of these treatment options. Diffusing them through the air in your home elevates your mood, makes you feel happier, more confident and healthier and eliminates sinus problems. Humidifying the air around you improves your skin and your physical health as well. All of this is done in conjunction with the elimination of the bad odors in your home!

Essential oils are among the rarest substances in the world. It can take many thousands of plants to make a single gram of one oil type. They aren’t extracted in the form of actual oil, but as microdroplets in the plant matter. This is why the power of these oils should not be underestimated – they can turn you from a wreck into a brand new person.

Dietary use of essential oils

When used internally, essential oils can be used as a dietary supplement to support healthy living. Some essentials have strong antioxidant properties allowing healthy inflammatory responses in cells. With some full of essential fatty acids and vitamins, the use of essential oils is a great addition to a robust and well rounded diet. A wonderful oil to be used this way is peppermint oil. With its refreshing and crisp scent, it may be added into the correct amount of water to create a tea known to settle upset stomachs and aid in digestion.


Other uses of Aromatherapy

Drops of essential oils can also be added to a bowl of steaming water, covered by a moist towel, and inhaled. Lastly, the oils may be added to an appropriate amount of water in a spray and then used in to create a scent or mood for a room. The benefits are immense. Certain essential oils, when used aromatically can be used as a stimulant while others may used to relax and soothe you. They may also be to purify the air of unwanted odors and some airborne pathogens. A great oil for aromatherapy is pine oil. With a refreshing and invigorating scent, pine oil creates and inviting and crisp sense to any room.

With all of these benefits and varied means of use, you are sure to want to learn more and get involved with a natural way to pursue healthy living. And why wouldn’t you! There are so many combinations of oils to be made and ways that they may be used that it is well worth your time. You can use essential oils on their own or pair them with your favorite products to make something specialized to your needs and goals. Why buy a chemical laden house cleaning agent when with the right mixture of essential oils, you can create a mixture which acts as an effective antibacterial and naturally scents your surroundings. What could better than slipping into a bathtub full of lavender at the end of the week to welcome rest? You can even craft with essential oils, creating gifts for friends and loved ones based on their needs. Continue learning about all the great ways essential oils may benefit you and figure out which method receiving them works best for you!

A note on oil diffusers vs. candles

I know a lot of people like to use scented candles in their homes — maybe you do to?

But did you know that these are actually toxic? These seemingly innocent, nice smelling, colorful and decorative candles are actually a major source of indoor pollution.

I won’t get too deep into the specifics here, but basically these candles are made out of paraffin wax (a petroleum product, like kerosene and gasoline). When you burn petroleum, you get carcinogens such as benzene as toluene, and such candles also have traces of heavy metals like lead. All of these are highly toxic, and certainly not something you’d want to have in your home around your kids and your family!

A much better alternative to scented candles, is to use diffusers for essential oils instead! These are non-toxic and have a lot of benefits — including stress and asthma relief, curing skin issues, better blood circulation and repelling insects — just to name a few. There are essential oils for all kinds of uses — and with a oil diffuser you can easily pick and chose the oil that’s right for you.

Take Caution – These Oils can be Dangerous!

Make sure that you consult with a doctor before taking advantage of the benefits of these oils. Ensure that you only buy oils that have been approved for use in homes. Remember that these are insanely concentrated products, so they can irritate your skin and cause a lot of harm if you touch them or swallow them directly.


This has been a rather overwhelming amount of information to take in. Always remember that essential oils are serious business. They aren’t a glorified air freshener. Treat them with respect, and they will do the same for you. That being said, we hope that the list we have presented here gave you the data you needed to make a wise decision as to the diffuser you want to buy. Always ask an expert or read the reviews of previous buyers before you buy one yourself. Take your time and decide on one that will fit in well both aesthetically and financially with your home and your life. Get started on the path to a healthier physical and mental state today.