Cody Garcia About MeHey everyone! My name is Cody García. I work as a full time chemist in New York City. I’ve always wanted to travel around the world, fulfilling my dreams and keep working on my writing projects.

Right now I’m a father of 2, working full time, and spending my personal time on my new project, Essentialoildiffuserhub.com — where you’re reading this right now. My mission is to develop the best brands comparisons of essential oil diffusers on the web.

Why did I start this website?

Being a father, it’s important for me that my kids can grow up in healthy home free of toxins. I’m sure all parents would agree to that.

However, a lot of everyday things that we normally don’t give a second thought are actually highly toxic. Scented candles, and in fact most candles, produces benzene and toluene when burned. Test show that the wicks also often contain heavy metals (despite the producers claim they’re made up of just paper and wax). Being a chemist, I know how bad these toxins are for your health — and especially your children’s health.

A much better alternative is to use diffusers, where you simply add essential oils. It’s cheaper, and it’s 100% harmless.

You also have a a lot of added health benefits from essential oils, something I cover more in-depth in other articles here.

Why don’t you come and join? On the first page, you find a table with the most popular and top ranked oil diffusers on the market.

You can also reach me on Google + or contact me by clicking here. I always like to hear from my readers: questions, suggestions, input — good or bad!