Best Diffuser For Large Room [2017 Comparison Table]

Oil diffusers allow you to add healthy oil molecules to the room, increasing moisture, adding fragrance, and offering you an abundance of health benefits. They can be used in any room, no matter the size.

Why you should Use an Oil Diffuser in a Large room:

Oil diffusers are safer than candles and don’t have the harmful chemicals that air fresheners tend to use. Fight unwanted and unnecessary odors in your home by adding natural, safe essential oils to the diffuser’s water. These scents can be calming, energizing, or a combination of both.

The molecules put out by these machines are perfectly safe to breathe in and can even help fight against flus and colds. Air freshener molecules, on the other hand, may contribute to breathing issues and sickness.

To select the right choice, first, think about how big the room is that you want to put it in. Options with larger tanks will work best and last longer in bigger rooms. Every diffuser has different shut-off settings, light options, and power modes.

Choosing the Right Diffuser

For larger rooms, the most appropriate oil diffuser will have a water tank that is bigger than average. This will allow the moisture to reach every corner of the room, spreading the oil’s fragrance effectively. While most of these products feature motors, some use reeds instead.

High ceilings, an open kitchen, or a spacious living room all call for the strength of a larger diffuser, but when you’re attempting to select the best oil diffuser for a large room, how are you to know which features to look for?

Based on the considerations above, the following are some of the best options on the market.

Top 5 Large Room Diffusers Reviewed:




Tank Capacity

Working Time






500 ML

18 hours

12 month guarantee




400 ML

8 to 10 hours

12 month guarantee

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier



100 ML

10 hours

2 year warranty

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier



500 ML

18 hours


Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier



600 ML

15 hours

12 month guarentee


Each of these products will do a fabulous job diffusing in large spaces. Let’s look at some of the unique features of each of these products now.

1. ISELECTOR 500ml Glass Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

The ISELECTOR essential oil diffuser is large enough to handle a big room and comes with seven different changing LED light colors. Its design has a wood grain look to it, providing a natural touch to match your inside décor. Let’s look at some other features of the product:

Safety: The ISELECTOR oil diffuser has an environmentally friendly cover made from BPA-free materials. It also comes with an automatic shut-off feature that activates once empty. Use it in your office or baby’s room without worries.

Setting Options: Choose between one, three, and six hours with the diffuser, and select either a low or high output of mist depending on the size of the room and intensity of fragrance you prefer.

12-Month Warranty: This device comes with a full warranty for a full year, covering both typical wear and tear and possible manufacturing defects.


  • A Unique Look: The first feature that will stand out about this diffuser is its unique look, which includes a top made from frosted glass with flowers decorating it. Even when it isn’t in use, it looks great, but the lights make it look even prettier.
  • Long-Lasting: You will get between eight and 18 hours of use out of this diffuser. Simply add a couple drops of essential oil for every 100 ml of water, and it will cover up to 1000 square feet.
  • Very Quiet: Use calming essential oil scents at nighttime with this diffuser, and it won’t disturb your sleep. Its ultrasonic operation is very quiet and will never distract you during the night or naptimes.


  • Only one Option for Light Settings: The ISELECTOR has a beautiful LED light system in it, but it only allows you to have it on constantly changing colors, rather than giving the option to have only one.
  • Will smell Strange without Enough oil: The product works great if you use enough oils in it, but if you don’t it may give out a strange smell.
  • Button Visibility: The buttons to switch settings on this diffuser are small and can be hard to see for some.

Product Specs

Included in package

2. VicTsing 400ml - Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

This compact, lovely diffuser/humidifier has a modern, yet natural look and a wood grain design to it. The versatility of its look means it goes well in many different environments. The conical and round shape enhances this unique and natural styling, making it stand out.

Its tank runs for 10 hours and is simple to fill and refill. It has great quality at a reasonable and affordable rice. The design and function of this product, in addition to its diffusing abilities and soft lights, make it very suitable for a yoga studio or home spa.

Automated shut-off: Choose between three options for running time for this diffuser; one hour, three hours, or six hours. When the water runs out in the VicTsing essential oil diffuser, it will shut off automatically for safety and preserve the product’s length of life.

Adjustable LED lights: This diffuser comes in seven different colors, and the LED lights can be switched between bright or dim according to your taste and needs. These are easy to change and can be turned off when you want to go to sleep.

12-Month Warranty: This device comes with a full warranty for a full year, covering both typical wear and tear and possible manufacturing defects.


  • Safe Materials: The materials of this diffuser are BPA-free and harmless. The ultrasonic technology of this device will add negative ions to the room you use it in.
  • Stability: You’ll never have to worry about the diffuser sliding around or falling off a table due to its stable rubber feet, crafted to keep it in place.
  • Clear Interior: This diffuser has an interior made from clear plastic, enabling you to see the inner workings and process of its functions
  • Humidifier Setting: Sometimes, you just want a humidifier without any scent. The VicTsing allows you to switch between the diffuser and humidifying settings at will.


  • Beeping Noise: This product beeps softly once the automated shut-off setting is activated. This won’t be a problem for most, but if you’re a light sleeper, this might cause an issue.
  • Comparatively Low Running Times: This diffuser offers six hours as its longest running time, which isn’t very high for those who want it to run all through the night or day.
  • Fragility: This product is lightweight compared to competitor’s products, so that’s worth considering if you live in a somewhat rowdy household where it could get knocked over.

3. PureSpa Deluxe – Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Room

This option, which has a 120 ml tank, gives your room a cool, freshly scented fragrance. It can fill up spaces of no more than 250 square feet. Along with this soft mist, the product releases negative ions to your room to strengthen your immunity and calm stressful emotions.

This diffuser releases a large amount of mist, especially for how small it is. When it’s out of water, the device will shut off on its own so you don’t have to remember to do so.

Physical Characteristics: The PureSpa Deluxe has a very modern, sleek look to it, with a white exterior and color-changing light settings. The product is 6.4 inches high and 5.4 inches in width and length.

Environmentally Friendly: Rest assured that with this product, you’re using a BPA-free product that is safe for your home and the environment.


  • Single Color options: While other products on the market only let you choose between multi-colored lights and no lights, this one allows you to select just one color at a time.
  • Simple to set up and Fill: This product is easy to assemble right out of its packaging. It’s also easy to put water in and refill as needed. Some oil diffusers are complicated to fill up, but this one is quick and straightforward.
  • Gentle Sounds: This diffuser isn’t silent as others are. Instead, it produces a soft sound that some may find soothing and relaxing.


  • The Noise: This one all depends on what style sleeper you are. Some will find the soft sound emitted by the diffuser calming, while others may be disturbed by it.
  • The Power Panel isn’t Lighted: Using the diffuser in the dark can be a challenge since there’s no LED panel on the settings for the device.
  • The On/Off Button: While using this oil diffuser, some may find that the power button may take a few tries before it responds.

4. Apalus 500ML Glass – Large Aromatherapy Diffuser

This oil diffuser offers three different therapies to users; light, aqua, and aroma. The process of water-oxygen diffusing adds negative ions to your room to cleanse your body and lift your mood, releasing you from the stresses of the day.

This diffuser’s transducer produces over 2 million vibrations every second, allowing the oils it emits to be absorbed safely and quickly by your lungs and skin. It comes with frosted, transparent glass and beautiful LED lights that show through, adding to your room’s ambiance.

If you don’t wish to use these lights or don’t want them to disturb you while you fall asleep, they can be easily shut off. This device can be safely used with citrus oils.


  • Long-Lasting: The water tank of the Apalus diffuser holds a large amount of water (500 ml), allowing it to run up to 18 hours off the timer and up to six with the timer. Once it reaches its time limit or the water runs out, it will shut itself off.
  • A Versatile Look: The design of this diffuser is appealing, elegant, and versatile enough to fit into any style room, either modern or classic.
  • Easy to fill and Refill: The tank’s reservoir will never be a struggle to fill or refill, and takes tap water. Once filled, the tank will only release safe, healthy chemicals into the atmosphere you use it in.
  • Quiet: Even though the Apalus diffuser releases a lot of mist, it’s quiet enough to cause no disturbances while you work or take a nap.


  • The Power Cord: Although the diffuser is beautiful, some may find that the power cord takes away from its decorative quality.
  • Leaking Risks: This diffuser will leak if it isn’t reassembled perfectly, so make sure you’re careful with that when you use it.
  • No Lighting on the Panel: This product doesn’t offer a LED panel to light up the settings, making them a bit hard to see in dim lighting.
  • Fragility: Frosted glass can be fragile and probably shouldn’t be used in households with unruly kids or dogs.

5. NexGadget 600ml Wood Grain

This oil diffuser has the largest capacity out of every product on our list, holding up to 600 ml of water. This allows it to run for as long as 15 hours and fill any sized room with pleasant scents.

The product only needs a few small drops of your favorite oil to create a nice, fresh aroma in a large room. Its unique globe shape will blend in attractively with your studio, home office, or living room. Once the water runs out, the oil diffuser will turn itself off.


  • Water Tank Size: The most obvious and prominent advantage to this option is the large holding capacity of its water reservoir.
  • Night Light: The NexGadget diffuser has a warmly toned night light feature to give your room a soft, relaxing glow.
  • Humidity: In addition to releasing healthy essential oils, this product provides your room with humidity that will fight against dryness, allergies, and colds.
  • A Versatile Look: Due to its wood grain finish, this product can be placed in any environment and look great, whether in use and lit up or turned off.


  • Requires Salt with Tap Water: Some may find it inconvenient that you must add salt to the tank to use this product with tap water. Otherwise, purified or distilled water is needed.
  • Not Real Wood: The oil diffuser isn’t made from real wood, but does come with wood grain design.
  • Not completely Silent: Although it’s quiet, the device is not completely silent and may disturb light sleepers.

How to diffuse your Favorite Oils in a Larger Space:

The holding capacity of an oil diffuser has more to do with the length of time you want it to run, instead of the size of the room, it will work for.

Do you need a Big Diffuser?

Getting a large diffuser isn’t necessary for a large space unless you wish to use it for more than a few hours at once. For those who want to run their oil diffuser all day long, a 300-500 ml diffuser will be optimal. If you don't need a large diffuser, check out our top 10 essential oil diffuser comparison chart.

For Massive Areas, get Two Devices:

Regardless of what the oil diffuser company claims, the mist will only travel so far. If you’re working with 1000 square feet, it isn’t realistic to hope for the whole room to be covered in a strong mist with just one diffuser.

If you want to cover the whole area, you’re better off buying two identical products and running both at the same time.

Make sure you’re Using Enough Oil:

If you want a large room to be sufficiently covered, you can’t be too conservative with how much oil you use in the tank. As a rule of thumb, you can use between three and six drops for every 100 ml. For very large rooms, however, use as much as you see fit.

It’s hard to know what the exact size of your diffuser is. Oftentimes, the product information will state 300 ml for the reservoir capacity, but only holds 150 up to the maximum fill line. This is a commonly experienced result.

For a diffuser that states 300 ml, but really holds 150, you can use about 10 drops of essential oil. If your tank holds 500 ml of water, feel free to add up to 20 or more drops. Everyone has different preferences, so adding less or more to it is fine.

Don’t forget to be creative when you use oils, blending together different scents to create your ideal match. If you’re working with a limited budget and don’t want to use too many drops in your diffuser, use the less expensive oil for 20 drops, and use five of the more costly oil. If you’re on a budget, avoid expensive oils such as ylang ylang or rose.

Using the Diffuser’s Heavy Mist Setting:

A lot of diffusers allow you to choose between a light or heavy mist. In a bigger room, the heavy option will always work better for filling up the room with mist. When it doubt, check the product’s user manual to find out how to use this setting.

Use Quality Essential Oils:

If you aren’t using a quality essential oil, you will not end up with a strong aroma filling up a large room. Although it may seem economical at the time, you should avoid very cheap oils with added ingredients or chemicals. Do your research on different brands of essential oils to find the best companies for quality products.

The Best Choice

Using the tips given to you in this article, you should be able to find the oil diffuser that not only works well for a large space but perfectly fits in with your design style. Each diffuser recommended in this article come with rotating colors, a safe automated shut-off function, produce a thick mist, and help to humidify your room. Any of these choices will be a great one, so figure out which settings matter most to you and opt for a design that fits in with your unique style.


If you want the best diffuser for your home’s large room, the Apalus 500ML Glass Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is your best bet. It’s attractive, quiet, and holds a significant amount of water and oil.

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