Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers Buying Guide

Essential oils are a part of modern aromatherapy, the practice of encouraging overall wellness and relaxation through the diffusion of pleasant fragrances in your home or office.

They have largely taken over from the use of scented candles, gums, powders, other forms of incense, and other pleasantly scented sources of fragrance; this is due to their convenient and readily dispersed nature, as well as the additional safety of something that doesn’t require an open flame (even a small one) to spread its scent. Dispersing the oil via a diffuser also makes sure that you take full advantage of the oils, as heat is known to alter essential oils.


A quick primer on essential oils

Essential oils are the distilled essence of naturally fragrant flowers and spices, and for thousands of years – going back as far as the nation of ancient Egypt, as well as in what is now known as the Middle-East – they were the primary ingredients in perfumes.

Today, with the exception of a select few all-natural perfumers, most perfumes are made with artificial scents – as well as products derived from the processing of animal byproducts; fortunately, the practice of aromatherapy provides a strong enough industry in itself for the making of these pure, all-natural fragrances to continue.

Blending Essential Oils

Essential oils can be mixed together for all kinds of uses.  Recipes can be made to help with sleep, acne, stress, energy and a lot more.

Some my favorite recipes are:

Why use an ultrasonic device to disperse the oil?

Essential oils, properly diffused through an ultrasonic diffuser, can fill a living room, bedroom, dining room, or office with a pleasantly fragrant scent, one that is all-natural and free of harmful side effects.

A diffuser does this by vibrating rapidly internally around the reservoir wherein the mixture of essential oil and water is contained. The vibration, at a pitch too high for human ears to hear, breaks up the molecules of the solution, dispersing them quietly and smoothly as water vapor – but a vapor that carries the lovely natural fragrance of roses, rosemary, cinnamon, vanilla, or some other favorite fragrance through an area of up to three hundred square feet, leaving it smelling pleasant and fresh, and contributing to a profound sense of relaxation and peace of mind.

There is no heat involved (unlike electric oil diffusers), no unpleasant chemical smell, and no side effect – you’re literally smelling flowers and plant extract, making it safe for use even in such locations as the kitchen or the workplace.

A diffuser can last for several hours – in some cases up to eight, leaving it perfectly suitable for a full day’s work at the office.

How does it work?


The effects of essential oil diffusion through ultrasonic technology are thought to involve such benefits as the killing of airborne bacteria and other microorganisms – even viruses, which are difficult to combat through many more traditional western means.

Most antibiotics have an increasingly short period of viability before microorganisms adapt, and viruses in particular have proven to be stubbornly resistant to their effects. It is speculated that the antimicrobial effects of the diffusion of essential oils is related to the antimicrobial substances found naturally within much of the world’s plant life – substances which are concentrated during the process of distilling essential oils; more research on this subject is available online, with a good starting point being the articles located at PubMed.gov under “essential oils.”

A perfect stress reliever

Ultrasonic essential oil diffusion is also a great stress reliever, which results in the alleviation of stress-related symptoms. It can help with feelings of depression and anxiety, and has been demonstrated to have a positive effect upon the human immune system – whether through those same substances that lend it its antimicrobial properties, or else through the effect of positive moods and stress relief upon the human body – perhaps both.

Finding an Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

There are many different models of ultrasonic essential oil diffuser available on the open market today. Some are available at department stores such as Target and Wal-Mart, and may cost as little as twenty dollars. As with most things, however, you’re getting what you’re paying for: these diffusers are notorious for breaking down after only a few months or even weeks, being comparatively noisy relative to the major brands, and having a questionable lack of such features as an LED light indicating operation or an automatic shutoff function once the reservoir runs dry.

Your best bet is to check out the reviews and information on blogs like this one — where you get first-hand reviews and information. Also Amazon’s review section is useful, especially the verified buyers reviews (then you know for a fact that the person has bought the item). We have included all the Amazon reviews here on our website, and we have a system which automatically finds the best price.

Recommended ultrasonic diffusers

Our most popular reviews

Some tips on the way to finding the device that fits you

Most companies which are in the business of supplying aromatherapy and other homeopathic substances will also market whatever devices or appliances are necessary to put them to use, and the business of essential oils is no exception.

It should be relatively easy to come up with a search result with several leading supplies of ultrasonic essential oil diffusers at the top of the list, whereupon you need to compare and contrast their features to find the one you’re looking for.

It’s a relatively small list to choose from:

Having decided what it is that you’re looking for, comb through the top four or five results in your search to find the ultrasonic diffuser which best suits your personal needs. You can find reviews of ultrasonic oil diffusers here (our own reviews, along with Amazon and other buyers).


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