Tips For Choosing The Best Aroma Diffuser

With no many aroma diffusers on the market, you may be wondering how to choose the best one.

Like you may have guessed, the best aroma diffuser for you is based strongly upon your needs and intended uses. For example, if you want something silent to help you drift off to sleep you will want an entirely different diffuser than if you want a cool mist for children prone to illness. Taking the time necessary to choose the perfect aroma diffuser for your needs ensures that you purchase the right diffuser the first time. Ensure that you fully understand the differences between the different types of aroma diffusers so you don’t accidentally purchase the wrong item.


Nebulizing diffusers

Nebulizing diffusers are perfect for when you’re sick and want some antibacterial or antiviral oils floating around your bedroom. There are a variety of different nebulizing diffusers. The primary difference between the different nebulizing diffusers is how big of a room they are suitable for and if they happen to cycle on and off.

Nebulizing diffusers have pros and cons. The pro is that nebulizing diffusers do the best job of any diffuser in interspersing the oil particles throughout the air in all areas of the room. The cons are that nebulizing diffusers tend to be quite loud. For some, sleeping through the nebulizing diffuser can be something very difficult. The other downside of nebulizing diffusers is that they tend to require much more maintenance than other aroma diffusers. An additional downside to nebulizing diffusers is that they can get gunky looking due to all of the oil accumulating within the diffuser. For some people, this is a significant problem. Other people don’t mind thoroughly cleaning their nebulizers after use. Ultimately, whether the advance outweighs the disadvantages is completely based upon your personal needs and preferences

The best choice: Ultrasonic diffusers!

An ultrasonic diffuser is a popular type of aroma diffuser. What makes this diffuser special is that it emits moisture and the scent of whatever oil you choose to use. This is perfect for congested children or to use during the dry winter months.

These aroma diffusers are unique in that they and the water moisture they emit remain cool. This is important, especially when this item is going to be left on a sick child’s bedside. If a child, or anyone else, were to accidentally tip over the unit, cool water with the cool oil would spill out and no one would be harmed. This is a big improvement over traditional humidifiers which often heat the water to very high temperatures. Obviously, however, if you live in a damp, humid climate this is surely not the best diffuser for you.

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Young Living Aroma Siez 5 ML

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If you want an aroma diffuser that will fill a large space with a powerful aroma, aromalamps may be a perfect option for you. Aromalamps can over multiple rooms if the doors are open or they have an open floor plan. This diffuser option is silent, making it perfect for people who want the scent of their chosen oil without the noise of other diffusers. Because aromalamps utilize water to carry the scent of the oil as far as possible, it is important not to let this diffuser burn dry. Letting the diffuser burn dry can cause the diffuser to shatter. This diffuser may not be best to use if you have pets or children in the home because they could potentially drink the water in the diffuser which would be filled with highly concentrated oil.

Aroma stones

Aroma stones are aroma diffusers that are silent and perfect for having next to your bed. This diffuser is perfect if you need a little help getting to sleep, perhaps with the aroma of lavender or some other oil that helps you to relax. Aroma stones won’t fill the whole room with scent but this can be a positive aspect, especially if you have a bedmate who doesn’t like the smell of your favorite scent. The oil you add to the diffuser gets warm but not dangerously hot. This diffuser has easy maintenance; just wipe it down with a damp cloth once a day and the diffuser will stay clean. If you don’t perform daily maintenance this diffuser will build up a gunky layer of oil at the base of the diffuser. This is can be cleaned with a rag and some rubbing alcohol. Many people like the small size of this diffuser, especially if they travel a lot and want a small, portable diffuser to take with them.

Diffusers for your car

Some people like diffusers so much that they want to have them available in the car. There are two types of aroma diffusers that can be used in a vehicle. A small pot that hangs from the rear view mirror is a simply aroma diffuser that many people like. It’s easy to set up and there’s no mess or maintenance. The downside to these diffusers is that you cannot change the oil. If you want to change the oil in the diffuser, a plug in model is likely better for you. These models are safe for use in the car and allow you to put any kind of oil you like in the unit.

With all of this useful information, you now know how to choose the best aroma diffuser for your situation. You won’t have to buy lots of diffusers and try them each out because you know how to find the one that meets your needs.


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    I’ve been thinking about trying armotherapy, and wondered how I should get started. You wrote that nebulizing diffusers are really terrific, and specifically great if you are currently sick. I tend to get sick more often than I would like, so having something calming like that would be terrific. I’ll have to do now is find the actual oils to diffuse in my home.

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