6 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil


What is Lavender Essential Oil?

Lavender is a plant that has been in use for generations for its many benefits. It has a scent that can’t be replicated by any artificial process. Since the time of the Egyptians and the Roman Empire, it has been in use for drawing baths, relaxing, cooking and even as a fragrance of sorts. Even today, the oil is used to calm oneself down and bring about relaxation too.

In addition to this, it is used to counteract blemishes and other imperfections in the skin. When it is added to the water in a bathtub or is applied directly to contact points on the back of the neck and the temples, stress seems to melt away almost magically.

People also add the oil to their bedding in order to sleep better at night. It is one of the most useful forms of essential oils today. If you want to have a happier, healthier life, you should definitely consider keeping a bottle of lavender oil around the house at all times.

The history of the oil is a storied one. Texts as old as 2500 years detail the use of the essential oil. It was used by the Egyptians of the ancient times to mummify their pharaohs before they were entombed. The Romans used it as well. In fact, the Bible speaks of Mary using lavender to anoint the head of Jesus.

6 Awesome Benefits of Lavender

The big question now is just how good lavender oil is for you. Well, the full extent of the benefits that the oil has to offer aren’t known to science yet. Research into the many perks of using lavender oil has only just begun, and there is plenty more work to be done before the full set of advantages of this oil are known to the public. That said, it is still one of the most used essential oils in the world, which says something about how useful it can be. Here are some of the most common and obvious health benefits of lavender essential oils.

It protects you against toxins

antioxidants-protection-against-toxinsIn a world that is becoming more polluted by the day, the biggest cause of diseases and infection isn’t a virus. Toxins in the air and water supply are what cause most people to be rendered vulnerable to diseases. These can be in the form of chemicals and pollutants that work inside your body to shut down your defenses one by one. Without a single immune system defense left in you, it is easy enough for a pathogen to enter and wreak havoc.

Lavender oil contains antioxidants. Antioxidants are a naturally occurring form of enzyme that is also produced by the body. They neutralize the toxins within your bloodstream before they can affect your system adversely. Since the body is only capable of producing so many antioxidants before it fails, lavender oil helps boost the immune system by reducing the number of harmful chemicals in the blood that causes it to shut itself down.

In fact, lavender oil has been found to produce three of the most critical antioxidant enzymes for the body. In addition to containing them on its own, the oil also has another benefit – it pushes your body to create more of these enzymes in the blood so that the deficiency is made up for! Who knew that a plant could be this powerful? [1]

One last perk of lavender oil that will truly excite you is the benefit of inhaling the vapors of the oil. This can be done by using the essential oil with an essential oil diffuser. Aromatherapy has shown some proven results, but scientists have actually discovered that the ravages of cancer on the cells in the body can be somewhat reduced simply by inhaling the vapors of the oil for an hour every day! In fact, many doctors who recommend these diffusers typically have them running in their own consulting rooms as well.

It is a possible treatment for diabetes

treament-of-diabetesDiabetes is a disease that affects millions of people all over the world. In 2014, a study that was done into the perks of using lavender oil concluded that the essential oil actually had an effect on the levels of sugar and glucose in the blood. This study, which occurred over the span of a fortnight, concluded that the treatment of diabetes with the oil was a viable one. In fact, it was effective in treating the major symptoms of the disease including:

While the oil isn’t an approved treatment for the condition diabetes, it is still one of the most effective at reducing the symptoms of the disease. As more research on lavender oil rolls in every day, it can’t be denied that a day is soon to come when doctors prescribe aromatherapy as a treatment for some of the most dangerous diseases in the world.

It is a mood and memory booster

In the year 2013, lavender oil was named one of the best treatments for memory-and-mood-boosternervous system damage in the world. This is in addition to the way in which it affects the symptoms of diabetic patients. It can protect your brain against damage a disease can cause to its cells.

Conditions like migraines, stress issues, worrying and other mental illnesses and psychological conditions can all be suppressed and treated using this essential oil, just as they used to be hundreds of years ago when people were smarter and less reliant on chemicals.

A study that was conducted into the benefits of the oil found out that it is one of the best remedies for conditions like insomnia, depression and more. In fact, it is one of the few treatment options that doesn’t show a single side effect when used properly. While other psychological drugs have their side effects, warnings, and labels, this oil doesn’t because it has all the benefits for none of the drawbacks.

The benefits of lavender oil in treating illnesses of the mind isn’t relegated to just this, though. Studies have proven that the oil is a good way to fight back the degenerative symptoms that mark the progress of Alzheimer’s disease. It can slow the spread of the condition down and allows victims to be lucid for longer periods of time more frequently than they normally would. This is due to the reduction of stress in the brain, which can cause the effects of dementia to be reduced as well. [2] [3]

It can heal wounds

wound-and-skin-healing-propertiesLavender, like most other essential oils, has a number of properties that allow it to fight pathogens like bacteria. Even back in ancient times, the plant was used by doctors to fight off infection in wounds, whether they were caused by bacteria or by fungi. [4]

While taking away the risk of infection, the oil is also one of the best ways to speed up the rate at which your body heals itself from physical injury. If you ever get a bad burn or cut yourself on something, you can breathe in lavender oil or apply a diluted solution to the wound to speed up recovery and even reduce pain.

Another study found out that the tendency of lavender to kill harmful organisms in your body is actually boosted when it is mixed with other essential oil products. These include common spices like cinnamon and clove essence, as well as tea tree oil. From the onset of respiratory disorders to the propagation of fungi in the skin such as eczema, lavender oil shows a reduction in pain and symptoms over time. [5]

The Oil Makes Your Skin Look Amazing

lavender-oil-for-skinLavender oil has the unique property of being absolutely wonderful for your skin. This is thought to be due to its tendency to get rid of microbes and toxins wherever it goes. If you mix the oil with aloe vera or even coconut oil and then rub it into your skin, you’re going to see some pretty amazing results. In fact, you only have to add 10 drops of the oil to a whole ounce of the diluting solution of aloe or coconut oil.

If you have a bad sunburn and you want to get rid of the pain fast, this is the best way to do without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals. The same works for any small injury or blemish that you have, wherever on your body it is. [6]

If your problem is that you’re seeing those annoying spots that show themselves with age, you’re in luck. You can mix lavender with frankincense, then apply it on your spots at the start of your day as well as right before you go to sleep. The spots disappear like they were rubbed off with an eraser!

It cures the worst headaches

headache-cureAll over the world, people are afflicted with headaches. Some of these are easy enough to deal with and pass in time. Others are far more severe and are usually caused by stress and migraines. Drugs are usually prescribed or bought over the counter to counteract this pain.

However, you could get the same results without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals simply by using lavender oil to cure your woes. Inhaling the oil for about quarter of an hour either through essential oil diffusion or another method causes the pain associated with headaches to reduce almost immediately. While the pain won’t disappear, it will be reduced so much that you can easily ignore it.

Another great way to treat a headache with the oil is to comb it through your hair or rubbing it on the nape of your neck, after diluting it with peppermint oil. The same procedure works wonders with your temples as well. Remember that you don’t even need a large quantity of the oil to make this happen. You can do it with a couple of drops!

The Uses of Lavender Oil

Now that you know about the many benefits of this amazing oil, you might be wondering what it can be used for. Well, here are some of the ways in which you can put a bottle of natural lavender oil to good use.

You can wear it as perfume

Today, the world is full of chemical products. The fragrances that you wear every single day, no matter how expensive, are simply the product of a chemical reaction in a factory. Lavender, on the other hand, is a non-toxic way of smelling fabulous all day long. It smells amazing on its own, and the pure oil can be added directly to your skin for an overpowering musk. Conversely, you can dilute the oil with some water and then dab it on your neck, elbows and hips for a more subtle, teasing scent that will truly excite the senses.

Don’t dab the pure oil directly onto your bare skin. Instead, put a drop or two onto your hands and rub them together before patting down your body and your clothes. If you want, you can also make your very own perfume spritzer by taking a cup of water and adding some drops of the oil to it. Shake it about a bit and then put it in the bottle and spray away! The best part is that this oil works well with most other essential oils and produces an even more amazing fragrance when this is done.

With the many different essential oils available today, each with its own unique scent, you will never run out of different combinations to try out. You might even discover the next Chanel No. 5!

Use it as an air freshener

We just told you how to use the oil of lavender as a great alternative to all those expensive perfumes. Sometimes, money isn’t the motivation behind looking for a substitute for a commercial product. Toxicity is another major motivator. Think about the air freshener in your house. Is it an aerosol can? These contain CFC chemicals that can harm you and the environment, damaging the ozone layer as they go.

They also only last for a very short time before you have to spray again. Lavender oil is the best way to avoid this type of expense and these toxins clogging up the air in your house. You don’t even have to spray it around your house if you can’t be bothered. In fact, one of the best ways to spread the fragrance is to diffuse it using an electronic diffuser.

If you want to smell it before you go to sleep instead, mix the oil and water like you did to make the perfume, then spray it on your bedding in small amounts. The smell will last for ages and will calm you down every time you lie down. This is the best way for you to cure insomnia if you have it.

It works wonders as lip balm

Lavender oil has already proven to be very effective at treating burns. These include sunburns, of course. In addition to this, you have seen that the oil can heal damaged skin with ease. What part of your body is always exposed to the sun and has a tendency to become chapped, cracked and dry? Your mouth, of course!

If you add some drops of the oil to another soothing oil, butter or carrier oil, you can then proceed to rub the mixture onto your lips. The “balm” lasts all day long as you go about your day while sitting in the sun. This mixture doesn’t just work for your lips either – you can use it to heal and soothe sunburns no matter where on your body they are (those painful summer bikini souvenirs will soon be a thing of the past). Say goodbye to peeling skin and itchiness, as well as pain every time your clothes brush against these burns.

Watch this video on how to make your own coconut oil lavender lip balm:

You can cure tummy issues

As with most other essential oils, lavender can soothe your tummy if you have indigestion or an upset stomach. For example, if you are a person who gets carsick quite often, or if you simply aren’t feeling too good, you should try soothing your body and calming your mind by spraying or rubbing lavender oil onto your skin. This is especially effective if you use it on your temples, as this can relieve headaches caused by stress and tension. You could also use it in your palms to breathe the smell in whenever necessary.

Reviews of The Best Brands and Where to Buy

Now that you’ve seen what lavender oil is, how it can help make your life better, and how you can use it in ways you hadn’t even thought of, it is time to check out some of the most renowned makers of this essential oil.

Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Brought in from Bulgaria, this is a pure lavender oil that is incredibly gentle on the skin. It is one of the most effective oils out there today. There are no toxins at all within the oil and no added content either. Preservatives aren’t included in the bottle either. 4 ounces are given to you with this oil. It is perfect for soothing both your body and your mind. A dropper is included with the purchase of the bottle of lavender oil, so you can put in the exact amount of oil that you need to make your day calmer and more relaxed.


French Lavender 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

This is a 10ml bottle of high-quality lavender oil that is uniquely French lavender. It is amazing to smell and comes with a full refund guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with how it performs. It is also available in a 60 ml bottle if you need a larger size. The cap of the bottle serves as a dropper so you can always dispense just the right amount of oil for your needs. The bottle is amber in color which helps reduce the effect of UV radiation from sunlight on the power of the contents.


Lavender Essential Oil 4 Oz – 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade

This is another gorgeous product from Radha Beauty, which is one of the leading names in the essential oil industry. The oil is purer than most others out there with no added chemicals, toxins or preservatives. The product comes with its very own money back guarantee – if you aren’t satisfied with the performance the company will be glad to give you a full refund. However, it is one of the most awesome brands of the oil out there, so it would be pretty surprising if you needed to get that refund at all. The oil has been imported from Bulgaria, where the flower is used to extract the oil through a painstaking process.

Now that you have seen the many benefits and uses of lavender oil, do you plan on purchasing it for your own personal use? With the many companies offering this oil for a money back guarantee, you really don’t have anything to lose by taking the leap! Do it today for a more stress-free tomorrow. You won’t regret it!







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