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What is Lemon Oil?


Lemon oil is one of the many essential oils that exist in the world today. It is, as you might expect, extracted from lemon rind. The oil is typically a pale yellow color or even a light green. It smells of the fresh zest of a newly sliced lemon.

You can find lemon oil sold in its pure form in many Ayurveda stores. It can also be found mixed with other oils for better healing purposes. These include olive oil, coconut, and other mineral oils. You can also find it as a constituent of many shower gels, polishes, and cleaning products.

This oil is different to most other essential oils in terms of the manufacturing process. In this case, cold extraction is used to make the oil. The peels of lemons are taken and pressed by a hydraulic press, a machine that squeezes every drop of oil out of the peel. The amount of oil produced by this is minuscule, so the peels of over 1500 lemons are needed to make 500ml of the oil.

You can also make a variant of this oil at home by heating the grated zest of the lemon in olive oil and then straining it. However, it doesn’t have the same strength or the same benefits as the commercially manufactured lemon oil does.

Lemons, like most other citrus fruits, are natural antiseptics and disinfectants. This makes the oil a very common way of improving personal hygiene and caring for the skin. It tightens the pores in sensitive skin and takes away dead skin and cells as well. If you have oily skin problems, using this will help you rid yourself of the issue. In addition to this, it works well as an anti-bacterial scrub, especially for people with acne problems and blemishes. Remember that citrus products are highly sensitive to light. Exposing skin with lemon oil on it to sunlight can lead to dark patches, bleaching of the skin and more serious conditions.

The Health and Skin Benefits of Lemon Oil


There are many benefits to be had from using this essential oil on your skin and in your home.

  1. It uplifts you spiritually. Using an essential oil diffuser to spread lemon oil in the air in your home is the best way to increase your psychic and spiritual wellbeing. Your spirit and your soul will find each other more in touch than ever before. Conflicting emotions and thoughts are calmed, and a mind in turmoil is eased.
  2. It keeps your tummy happy: one of the most awesome benefits of lemon oil is that it can heal some of the more common digestive problems. These include heartburn, acid reflux, cramping, and indigestion. Drinking water that has been infused with a few drops of the oil is one of the best ways to alleviate the symptoms of these conditions. [1]
  3. It cleans your body up inside: If you add a couple of drops of lemon oil to water and drink it every morning before you start the rest of your day, you ensure that your body is cleansed, freshened, and ready to go. Your liver, kidneys and even your digestive system benefit from this.
  4. It helps you focus: do you have problems concentrating on things? Lemon oil is actually a great concentration aid. It can boost your focus and how alert you are. You can gain this benefit either by diffusing it or inhaling the essence after rubbing a drop on your hands. This is the best way to gain clarity and energy to proceed with your day.
  5. It fights off insects: This isn’t an actual benefit of lemon oil on its own. When you mix it with essences of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil, you’ll find that insects stay away from the general area. As an added benefit, the combination smells absolutely heavenly.
  6. It boosts immunity: The nutritional value of the oil makes it one of the best natural boosters to your immune system. The vitamin content, as well as the ability to stimulate your immune system to work harder, makes you more resistant to viruses and other diseases.
  7. It is a great disinfectant: Just like it can boost your body’s ability to fight and destroy pathogens, the oil is also able to disinfect most surfaces at home whether they are affected by fungi or bacteria. It can be used to clean your kitchenware, dishes, laundry, and surfaces.
  8. It helps with sore throats: Do you have problems with sore throats in the winter? Lemon oil mixed with a solution of honey and warm water is a potent combination that can soothe your burning throat, heal the tissues and make the effects last too.
  9. It helps you lose weight: Drinking lemon juice is one of the tried and true methods of burning off the pounds and keeping them off. Adding a couple of drops of lemon oil to water and drinking two glasses a day of this infusion helps you burn fat faster and reduces your appetite too so that you won’t overindulge in any rich food.
  10. It fights off asthma attacks and allergies: if you have a bad history of sinus issues, lemon oil may be the answer to your prayers. It can clear up your nasal ducts, sinuses, and throat. By keeping the air intake of your body maximized you ensure that your body stays as healthy as can be.

Uses of Lemon Oil


In addition to being incredibly beneficial to you, lemon oil can be used in a variety of ways. It isn’t always about putting the oil in a diffuser, after all. While this is definitely one of the best ways to spread lemon oil through the air, here are some other methods in which you can draw benefit from this oil.

  1. Doing the laundry – Take a few drops of your favorite lemon oil and add it to the laundry in your washer. It gives the clothes a clean, fresh, rejuvenating smell. If you happen to leave your clothes in the dryer or the washer for too long and they smell musty, the lemon will help you regain a nice sharp smell again.
  2. Whitening your teeth – did you know that you can use this oil as a teeth whitener? Simply take a few drops of the essential oil and mix it with both baking soda and coconut oil till you get a paste. Rub this paste directly onto your teeth and keep it there for about 2 minutes. Rinse it off and repeat for a few days to see amazing results! Don’t worry, citrus oils are safe for your teeth.
  3. Cleaning your hands – have you been working in a garage all day? If you have the eternal struggle of greasy, oily hands that soap and water don’t do anything for, worry not. While normal soap may not be able to serve you nearly as well as you think, the essential lemon oil will! Take a couple of drops of the oil and add it to the soap before you wash your hands. The natural chemicals in the oil will strip the grease from your skin without hurting your pores.
  4. Disinfecting – Two of the most common ingredients in household cleaners are ethanol and chlorine bleach. They are both artificial and are very effective at cleaning dirt. However, they are also very dangerous and toxic. Even their fumes can harm you. If you want a better, more natural disinfectant, take 20 drops of this oil and 20 of tea tree, then add them both to an aerosol spritzer. Fill it up with water and a drop of white vinegar to complete the disinfectant solution.
  5. Washing your face – One of the best ways to use lemon oil is to make a face wash with it. Mix the oil with honey and baking soda, then rub the resulting paste gently onto your face. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse your face off. Your complexion will improve, as will the softness of your skin and how fresh you feel every day.
  6. Polishing wood and brass – Soak a cloth in lemon oil and rub your brass and silver items with it. The citrus cleans the metal and makes it shine again. This works well for jewelry as well. You can use the same method to clean wooden surfaces in your home.

See some more cleaning uses of lemon oil here:


Reviews of The Best Lemon Essential Oil Brands


These are some of the most well-recognized and effective brands of lemon essential oils (among other oils) out there today. Don’t trust anything but the best! See our full doTERRA review here.

Majestic Pure Lemon Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

This is a 4-ounce dose of pure essential lemon cold pressed oil. It has no alcohol and additives and has a gorgeous, rejuvenating scent. A premium quality glass dropper is included with the bottle of the essential oil. The oil is energizing and works as a mood booster as well. One of the best parts of this specific oil product is that you also gain a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the effects of the oil. Even if you have used up most of it, you are still guaranteed to get your money back if you aren’t happy! Always remember to dilute the oil if you are going to be applying it to your skin or letting it come in contact with your face.


Now Foods Lemon Oil, 1 Ounce

Now Foods has produced one of the purest and most powerful essential oils out there with this product. Even better – they fit it into a tiny 1oz bottle that is perfect if you want a quick mood boost. The oils are completely organic and don’t contain anything but natural constituents. It is highly concentrated and can be used with diffusers as well as in disinfectants and other applications. The oil also happens to mix well with other essential oils including lime, grapefruit, and tangerine. It is made using cold pressing and provides premium essences at an incredibly portable size.


Lemon Oil Premium Therapeutic Grade 4 Ounce Essential Oil For Aromatherapy

This product from Invivo Essential, one of the biggest names in the oils business, is one of a kind in terms of the extras it offers. You get a free dropper to add just the right amount to mixtures regardless of what concentration is needed. If you are wondering what you can do with the oil, a free ebook is also provided by the company to give you the best shot and making the most out of the oil. In addition to all this, the lid and the bottle are coated and colored in such a way that exposure to sunlight won’t hurt the oil in the bottle.


Lemon (Large 4 ounce) Best Essential Oil

Sun Organic has produced one of the better lemon essential oils out there. The quality of the cold pressed oil from this maker is super high. The oil is extremely effective and has a gorgeous smell that sticks around for far longer than you might think. The company also offers a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the result. From the scent to the clear effects of the oil, this is one of the very best on the market right now.


Lemon Essential Oil 4 Oz – 5x Extra Strength

Made by Radha Beauty, one of the biggest names in Ayurveda, the lemon oil product is one of the best for aromatherapy purposes as well as for maintaining healthy skin and teeth. It nourishes you and doesn’t contain a single manufactured chemical ingredient. In addition to this, it works very well as a disinfectant. It also is able to remove stuck gum, oily patches, and greasy kitchen countertops with ease. With a full money back guarantee, this is one of the best out there!

Lemon oil is one of the most useful essential oils in the industry and is one of the most affordable too. If you haven’t tried out the multiple benefits of this oil yet, we highly recommend that you do and feel the difference today!



[1] http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0009279710005776


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