My Review of Young Living’s Ultrasonic Diffusers — Aria and Other Models 2017

I recently picked up an ultrasonic oil diffuser from Young Living. They offer a few different ones, but I settled on the Aria model. I’ve heard that the other, cheaper, models from Young Living are also good choices, and I’ve also tried the Rose Shaped and the Bamboo models.

What I really liked about Aria, is the design and how quiet it runs. There is literally no noise, which is great for me because I usually don’t listen to music when I relax (as I work in a lab, and have two kids, I’m around noise all day).


Just so we’re on the same page: some info on essential oils

An essential oil is a natural substance which is obtained by careful distillation of an item, quite often a flower or an herb. It carries the item’s fragrance in a concentrated form.

The essential oils of fragrant flowers have been used in the creation of perfumes for thousands of years, all over the world, and their fragrances continue to be widely regarded today as being wholesome, all-natural supplements to clean, green living.

They aren’t always used in perfumes, particularly within the modern cosmetics industry — which too often relies upon a mixture of artificial chemicals, preservatives, and a base of substances derived from animal fat or other animal products. Nowadays, people who feel that there is a powerful benefit to be had from inhaling the scents of essential oils often use diffusers: these are items which allow for the slow dispersion of an essential oil into the open air over time, filling a room or other interior space with pleasant and wholesome fragrance.

The young living ultrasonic diffusers

The Young Living Aria essential oil diffuser is an elegant and unobtrusive item.

They also have a model which is shaped to resemble a rose bud, and which will appear very stylish sitting upon a natural wood side table or elegant stone mantelpiece. It has a soft and gentle off-white exterior topped with a transparent purple portion in the shape of closed rose petals, and is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional and efficient. It should fit well into the aesthetic of the green, all-natural take on modern living.

The Aria model is a bit heavier and feels better built (hence the price tag). It’s made out of wood and glass, and fits right into my living room.

Young Living Product Comparison Chart

PictureDiffuser NameCoverage AreaOperation TimeSize/DimensionsReservoir SizeWeightVapor OutputNoise LevelAccessoriesAdded FeaturesItem Number
Orb50 square ft4.5 hours maximum9 (diameter) x 10.5 cm160 ml.45 lbs50 ml of water & oil/hour23 dB5256 - Replacement Wicks (3pk)
5257 - Power Cord
Timed Shut-Off
Ambient Light
USB150 square ft20 hours maximum8.5 x 2 x 1.5 cm1 ml0.5 oz..33 ml of pure essential oil/hourN/A5228 - Refill Cartridges (3)5223-Black
Home215 square ft5 hour maximum13.5 (diameter) x 17 cm125 ml0.86 lbs.60 ml of water & oil/hour35 dB4575 - Power Adaptor
5252 - Purple Lid
5253 - Blue Lid
5254 - Red Lid
Timed Shut-Off
Ambient Light
Dewdrop323 square ft4 hour maximum13.5 x 13.5 x 19 cm180 ml0.97 lbs.30 ml of water & oil/hour26 dB5260 - Ultrasonic PlateTimed Shut-Off
Ambient Light
Therapro700 square ftVaries depending upon
oil thickness
13 x 8.5 x 12 cm15-ml oil bottle1.93 lbs.Varies depending upon oil
35 dB4546 - Atomizer
4590 - Atomizer (3 pack)
Aromalux Atomizing700 square ft10 hour maximum13 x 13 x 14.7 cm15-ml or 5-ml oil bottle0.76 lbs1.5ml of pure essential oil/hour54 dB4696 - Atomizer Top
5249 - Power Adaptor
Timed Shut-Off
Ambient Light
Travel FanVaries depending on
amount on oil pad
Varies depending on
amount on oil pad
13.5 x 9 x 7 cmN/A0.65 lbs.Varies depending on
amount on oil pad
24 dB4458 - Replacement Pads (10 pk)4457
Aria Ultrasonic430 square ft3 hour maximum21.5 (diameter) x 15.5 cm260 ml5 lbs.42 ml of water & oil/hour23 dB4631 - Ultrasonic Plate
4542 - Power Adaptor
4541 - Remote Control
4540 - Glass Cover
4545 - Air Vent Accessory
4544 - Splash Guard
Timed Shut-Off
Ambient Light
Remote Control
Music Playback
Bamboo323 square ft4 hour maximum12.5 x 7.5 x 25 cm120 ml2 lbs.70 ml of water & oil/hour25 dB5255 - Ultrasonic Plate
5251 - Power Adaptor
5250 - Lid
Timed Shut-Off
Ambient Light
Rainstone323 square ft8 hour maximum12.8 x12.8 x 17 cm200 ml (+/- 10ml)4.48 lbs.21 ml of water & oil/hour23 dB5255 - Ultrasonic Plate
220076 - Power Adaptor
220077 - Remote Control
200544 - Plastic Top
Timed Shut-Off
Ambient Light
Remote Control
Resin BurnerVaries depending upon
resin amount used
Varies depending upon
resin amount used
19.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 cmN/A1.1 lbs.Varies depending upon
resin amount used
N/A4881 - Frankincense ResinAmbient Light4880

Benefits and nice features

The diffuser is also designed to be relaxing and unobtrusive. Once its internal reservoir has been drained, the Young Living essential oil diffuser will automatically turn itself off.

It has a soft LED indicator light, which displays in a variety of colors, but that may also be turned off if it is not needed — when you would just like to lie back and relax, perhaps with a good book, without having to be distracted by its persistent glow.

Unlike certain diffusers which are known for producing a soft and steady hum (ultrasonic uses sound waves to spread the oils) — subtle, but noticeable over time — the Young Living essential oil diffuser runs virtually silently: its unique ultrasonic technology ensures efficient operation, while enabling it to fill a space of up to three hundred square feet with fragrance.This is nearly twice that of some of the leading competing diffusers, and the rest rarely exceed two hundred to two hundred and fifty square feet with their area of effect.

Battery time — How long can you have it running

The Young Living essential oil diffuser is capable of running for up to four hours, which is a match for most of its competition — if it is run continuously.

However, it features an alternating mode with thirty seconds of operation out of every sixty, enabling it to run for up to eight hours. This is far longer than what can be claimed by many other leading diffuser models. Even some other models claiming to run for 8 hours, stop after only 4 — so here Young Living are “under-selling” their battery life.

It’s silent!

With its near-silent operation, and the built-in ability to turn off its indicator light, you can relax in complete bliss, unaware of when the device is in operation. There is no constant monitoring required, and its rate of vibration — two and a half million vibrations each second — translates to an even dispersal of your chosen essential oil mixture throughout the affected area.

Use this diffuser to provide a relaxing and pleasant fragrance, or to engage in treatment through aromatherapy. Either way, you’re guaranteeing yourself a soothing and refreshing environment for up to eight pleasant hours, without the need for any attendance or refill. You can pay the diffuser absolutely no mind whatsoever until its tank is empty.

How to operate it?

Once the tank on your Young Living essential oil diffuser has run dry, it is quick and easy to refill it with your preferred essential oil mixture. The diffuser functions with all of the best selling points of a humidifier, an atomizer, and an air purifier, wrapped up in a single, visually appealing and smoothly functioning item; just pour in your chosen mixture, and turn the device on.

Its array of “forget me not” features, which enable it to be left to run by itself without a care in the world, contribute to a high-quality item which perfectly fills the function for which it is intended. It is equally suitable for your bedroom, your living area, or your office at work. After a long day at work I often like to have mine running over-night in my bedroom.


Where can you buy Young Living Vaporisers/diffusers — and where to get the best price?

Top Selling Products of 2018

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Young Living Essential Oils Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser Review

Young Living Essential Oils Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser Review

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Young Living Aroma Siez 5 ML

Young Living Aroma Siez 5 ML

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Young Living Purification Essential Oil – 5ml

Young Living Purification Essential Oil – 5ml

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Why you should get one

The benefits of aromatherapy are surprisingly diverse. With a complete lack of harmful side effects — you’re literally just smelling the natural scents of flowers — the practice is slowly gaining significant amounts of recognition as having a deeply positive effect upon mood, stress levels, and sleep disorders, allowing individuals who struggle with feelings of tenseness or anxiety to reduce stress and relax. There is some evidence for the possibility that aromatherapy through the dispersion of essential oils contributes directly to a healthy and wholesome lifestyle by killing off harmful bacteria and other microorganisms — even viruses, which are notorious for being beyond the reach of most modern-day antibiotics. It has been demonstrated that the natural antibiotic and antiviral properties of the plants from which these oils are distilled are what bring about this profoundly positive effect.

In addition to killing airborne microorganisms, the dispersal of essential oils through a diffuser also helps to strengthen the human immune system. These claims, in addition to the general antidepressive properties of running a diffuser, are backed by hard science which is available online; for additional information in that area, you might begin by visiting; start by searching for “essential oils,” and you will soon find a wealth of relevant information at your fingertips.


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